The Discovery Project

The Discovery Project

The Discovery Project is a weekend seminar that helps people learn to live as local missionaries in their neighborhoods.  Since we now live in a Post-Christian context, we need to understand what it means to live as a faithful presence in the midst of an increasingly secular culture.  This means that we bear witness to God through everything we do.

The Discovery Project consists of a short survey that participants will take prior to the training as well as a weekend training event.  The training event includes six sessions that deal with cultural issues and reflects on the nature of God through loving Him with our hearts, minds, and strength, and loving our neighbors as we love one another.

This $75 per person opportunity is being sponsored by the North American Baptist Conference and will be free to all at Pittsford Community Church.  NAB Vice President of Missional Initiatives, Dr. Cam Roxburgh, will serve as presenter for this must-attend event. Contact Pastor Dana Goodnough by January 27 to register      (585-248-8260,