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"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

— 2 Peter 3:18

How can a church of many people care for one another?

Life Groups are small groups, typically Bible studies with a specific demographic, such as gender, location, marital status, phase of life, or topic. Life Groups may also be more relational in nature through practical application of the Scriptures, equipping one another to serve and grow in Christ through authentic Christian community.

Life Groups are one way we support each other, grow in the Lord, and serve together. We welcome everyone who considers Pittsford Community Church home to get connected with a group.

Life Groups at a Glance

  • Small groups that gather in homes, at church, or other public place
  • Meet regularly
  • Led by impassioned leaders who have the opportunity to receive support from the church
  • Balance worship, Bible study, sharing, prayer, and service
  • Encourage personal evangelism and outreach
  • Commit to developing new leaders and groups though mentorship

How Do I Join a Life Group?

Search for a group that fits your schedule, interest, gender, and/or location with our Life Group Finder.

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